SCOUT - Interactive WebGIS
Interactive location analysis and individualized strategy
Find the best location for one of your needs, e.g. the best location for e-bikes, the best location for a clinic or for your marketing campaigns. Today there is no simple way for to perform such custom location evaluation - interested users have to build their own data, infrastructure and expertise.
Our Solution
Our web service "Scout" simplifies this kind of individuali search and evaluation of locations. The user can interactively define location ratings and select from over 200 location properties. On demand, the creation is supported by machine calibration.
The application allows visualization in map form and querying of individual locations. Different usage modes allow interactive work with simple or advanced experience - the latter giving access to on-the-fly attribute transformations and integration of regressions.

Product Features
Was makes our Colombo-App unique?
  • > 200 Microdatasets
    Query all relevant details on socio-economics, points of interest, built environment and accessibility at the touch of a button.
  • Localreport
    Create a report with address-specific evaluation. Our Localreport can be triggered directly from the application and is calculated for the location.
  • Individual Scoring
    Create your personal location rating without any further software knowledge and save it for an objective and consistent application - you can create both simple and complex scorings.
  • Site comparison
    Save the locations of your portfolio and compare the relevant parameters at a glance.
  • Predictive Layers
    Consider the potential of a location in your location strategy. We process spatial decisions into "predictive layers" that quantify the potential of a location. The layers can be queried individually or condensed into ratings.
Dr. Patrick Schirmer
Founder & CEO
+41 (0)76 493 55 33