MANAGER - active Portfoliomanagment
Your cockpit for data-based decisions in daily operations
The integration of in-house data and its conversions into operational decisions remains an unsolved problem: Existing business solutions do not offer flexibility in customization and BI solutions are build for end user. Moreover, building and operating in-house infrastructure and software solutions is costly and time-consuming.
Our Solution
Our webmodule "Manager", allows to merge and manage existing data silos. The focus lies on the use of spatial information in individualized analyses, e.g. for real estate portfolios or customer data. Import, edit and log objects, add geospatial context and export them for further analysis. A data room allows storage of property-specific files and notes that can be shared within the organization, such as floor plans, leases, land records, damage reports or customer profiles.
The "Manager" integrates seamlessly with the "Scout" and the "Profiler" modules and allows for in-depth analysis with "Edison."

Product Features
What makes our manager unique?
  • Digital Dropbox
    Store files that are relevant to you centrally in one place and share them with your team.
  • Industry templates
    Customize the user interface to your needs. Subject-specific templates help with the setup.
  • Geoanalysis
    Enrich your sites with data and your templates stored in Scout to better evaluate new sites.
  • Organizations
    Save the locations of your portfolio and compare the relevant parameters at a glance.
  • Mapview
    Through the integration with Scout, you can see your locations clearly on a map and switch between the individual modules of the application.

  • Alarm building applications
    Receive notification when a planning application has been submitted for the neighborhood of your locations and never be late again when it comes to making important decisions or building synergies.
Dr. Patrick Schirmer
Founder & CEO
+41 (0)76 493 55 33