Local Insights on a Global Scale
The cloud platform for individualized location analytics and business intelligence

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Our solution
A decision support tool that enables real-estate managers to take strategic location-based business decisions, anywhere
Easy data access
Direct access to a large data pool of
structured information and
interactive work in maps
Run custom analysis
Use your expertise or apply latest
AI methods for your business.
Get and share insights
Have one tool at hand to
objectivize all processes in your team
Our modules support different processes in
real-estate management and can be linked or be used separately
Search for sites which
fit your strategy
Evaluate a specific location at local and regional scales
Manage portfolios with customized BI-support
Feature Highlights
What are the keyfeatures of our products?
> 200 Mikrodatasets
At the push of a button, you can find out all the relevant details on socioeconomics, points of interest, the built environment and accessibility.
Local Report
Create a report with address specific evaluation. Our Local Report can be triggered directly from the application and is calculated for the location. Adapt the content and layout of reports to your needs and personal layout.
Individual Rating
Create your personal location rating, simple or complex, without any further software knowledge and save it for an objective and consistent application.
Portfolio integration
Save the locations of your portfolio and compare the relevant parameters at a glance.
Predictive Layers
Consider the potential of a location in your location strategy. We process spatial decisions into "predictive layers" that quantify the potential of a location. The layers can be queried individually or condensed into ratings.
Crossnational comparison
Our database is the only one to allow for crossnational comparison of locations.
Latests news
Patrick M. Schirmer
Dr.sc ETH / Dipl.-Ing. Arch
Urban Data Science
An urban planner and spatial data scientist with over 10 years of practical experience in urban developments. Patrick holds a PhD from ETH Zurich in urban simulation and developed models for the Swiss real estate market before starting to work on his vision with UrbanDataLab in 2018.
Silvan Geser
M.sc International Management
Product and Business Development
Our SaaS expert with 12+ years of experience as product manager and in B2B Sales He has a background in information systems and international management and has a passion to build products of high value for customers.
Marc Beermann
Serial Entrepreneur
Business Development / Board
Managing Director Financial Industry
Business Advisor / Board
Dipl. Ing ETH
Innosuisse Coach

Scientific Advisor
Msc BA / Bsc FM
Business Network
ETH Zürich - Innovation & Entrepreneur Lab
Stampfenbachstrasse 52, 8092 Zürich

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