UDL Platform
No-Code access to Location Intelligence
Scout - interactive WebGIS
Search and find attractive locations for your individual project and check the local quality not only the region. Define your own spatial strategies and differentiate yourself from competitors - standard ratings are not of value in these days.

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Profiler - Site report
Our profiler provides a summary of location characteristics around a the address of interest. Understand the structure of population, jobs and apartments and review developments of the last years.

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Manager - Evaluate portfolios
Put your portfolio of properties or customers into a spatial context. See locations clearly on a map, add data and strategic spatial decisions.

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Alert - Notification services
Be informed as soon as something changes in the neighborhood of your sites. Never again miss the right moment to make location-relevant decisions.

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API - Data interfaces
Use our data interfaces (API) to add spatial strategies to your existing processes.

Example: Location attributes on query

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