We are a spin-off of ETH and support you by means of geostatistical methods to identify patterns in your data, locations and target markets and to make location and expansion decisions. Our proprietary analysis platform integrates a variety of geodata as well as different analysis methods and makes them available to your company in the form of easy-to-integrate digital solutions.

Our solution creates added value in many areas

Real Estate

Developers, portfolio managers and operators use our data and predictive models for return modeling to identify risks in their portfolios and to define and find new, additional audiences.

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Data scientists and marketers identify customer segments to test the upselling potential of individual products within their customer data, or even to identify potential new customers.

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Retailers from a wide range of sectors (food, fashion, furniture, etc.) optimize location and expansion considerations in their store planning, product strategy and identify customer segments.

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Planning offices and public administrations optimize your specifications in site planning and provide usage specifications in line with requirements.

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Our value proposition - your benefits


 We know that your company is different from others and has its own strategies. Our modular solutions are therefore designed to give you a customized result without having to collect your own data or develop software parts.


The universe of data, data models and technologies is complex and we, at UrbanDataLab, are here to simplify this complexity for you and your business and turn it into intuitive solutions & tools. you can still gain important insights from yours and other data - even without software experience or data science skills.


We are neither technology- nor data-loving, but use data and latest technology (such as statistical methods) to solve concrete problems of our customers. Our goal is to make the maximum potential of location data and spatial analysis methods available to our customers.

(Inter-)national scalability

Our methods of analysis were developed at ETH to enable the application and comparability of urban spaces across national borders. International companies can thus work for the first time with a consistent data model across all their target markets.

Our satisfied customers & partners

Dr. Patrick Schirmer
Founder & CEO
+41 (0)76 493 55 33
UrbanDataLab AG
Stampfenbachstrasse 52, 8092 Zürich

+41 (0)76 493 55 33
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