Purchasing Power CH

Driving revenue growth by analyzing Purchasing Power of your customers with the help of spatial AI 🚀

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, it is essential to target the right people. One piece of information that helps with that is understanding customers’ purchasing power.
Who can afford your product ? Who can pay for the premium line, and who will choose the budget option? Where are these people living or working? A reliable information on the purchasing power can help to answer these questions and enable you to find the right customer for your product.
This is why we developed a purchasing power index that is now at the UDL Datahub. It covers every city, town and each residential building across Switzerland in a resolution of up to 25m. We created it with advanced spatial modeling combining not only information about the population but also on their behavior and the environment they live in. The combination of these aspects results in a prediction that is robust and reliable, creating a dataset of high value.

Marketing experts and Salesteams can access this data via our interactive maps (https://lnkd.in/eGr7HsjG) or with our Excel-Template https://lnkd.in/eB27RAHe to develop their strategies and campaigns. Data Scientists and Software Developers, can easily integrate it via our Feature API (https://lnkd.in/ezrh--aE).

 ☎️ Get in touch if you want to learn more and gain access to the layer itself!